This is a completely useless post.

This is what is currently happening at my desk. I have worked here a month without an overhead light and now I am fucking blind. Thanks, maintenance!

This is a completely weird Wednesday and I’m 100% okay with that. Usually my day drags by as I browse for anything on Facebook that may entertain me for more than 5 minutes. But today…the fun is nonstop.

Here is a completely useless list to fill you in on my day:
1) My boss not only locked himself out of his office but he locked a customer in it at the same time! Oops.
2) My boobs ate a dollar.
3) I barely understand WordPress. I almost regret my decision to stray from Blogger. I can’t figure out how to check my followers! =(

If you’re reading this/following me, I’m sorry, I really don’t understand why but thank you. =)



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