5 things about me that I think are endearing but others may find weird or creepy:

1) I am very liberal and unafraid to tell anyone and everyone, “I love you.” I understand that this may catch people off guard but if you do something nice for me, I have love for you. That’s just the way it goes.

2) I sing to my cat. And I mean whole songs, not the Meow Mix song. (Even though I do that too.)

3) I will be the very first one to even consider thinking of something inappropriate to say at a funeral or any place where it is not appropriate to laugh. I do insist that the zombie joke at my grandfather’s funeral was a hoot!

4) I laugh at myself very loudly in public. I’m not scared. It’s really funny in my head sometimes.

5) If I’ve met you once, and maybe not even at all but we’ve had Facebook interaction, I will refer to you as “my friend.” It just sounds less weird than, “this person I met one time,” or “this guy that I’m stalking on Facebook.”


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