I have to tell SOMEONE!

In the summer of 2009 I knew in my heart that I was moving to New Orleans. Nothing could stop me. I was going to dance to jazz music  and then run through the middle of Bourbon Street every night. I felt that New Orleans was where my heart and soul belonged.

In December 2009, I panicked. I couldn’t leave my new job, new friends and my family so I chose to stay in Tennessee. Granted, some wonderful things happened for me between that time and now but I know I made a mistake. The mistake wasn’t staying, it was making a decision based on everyone’s feelings and needs except for my own.

This time I’m not going to let that happen. I am moving to Nashville. I don’t know exactly when, but probably next summer. I don’t know what I’m going to do there but it has to be better than what I’m doing here…


3 thoughts on “I have to tell SOMEONE!

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