My boyfriend is awesome and here’s why:

My boyfriend and I participated in the World’s Longest Yard Sale last weekend that stretches from Alabama to Michigan. And when I say participated I mean that my boyfriend cleaned out all of his unwanted and unused junk so we can start collecting together and have more space in our small apartment that we share with a dog, a cat and a roommate.  You can imagine how crowded our space is and how happy I was to see all that stuff go!

We rented a space to set up and sell at a community center for $15 for the day, set up and just soaked up the sun and enjoyed talking to people who stopped by. When we were all unpacked, I looked over and saw the most piece of furniture I’ve ever seen! It was as if someone had stacked GIANT, old, leather-bound books to make an end table/nightstand. Of course, I was gaga for it so I inquired about the price, touched it and lusted. I wasn’t completely sold because on the other side of our space was a Keurig that I desperately wanted too!

Later in the day, I went back over to look at the table and some other items and was told that unfortunately the table had already been sold. I was sad and figured that I just wasn’t supposed to own it. I came back to the boyfriend and told him about it. He looked me in the eye and said, “He sold it to me.”

So here it sits as my new nightstand and I am completely in love with it. The boyfriend did me right. =)



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