Seeing Red

I’ve always heard the term “red flag” but I’ve never really seen one as clearly as I did this weekend at a friend’s wedding. I’ll admit it – I’m a very naive person. I want to believe that almost everyone I meet is good and would never screw me over for personal gain. This is both a blessing and a curse because I give chance after chance to people and a lot of times, I end up sacrificing my life other people’s personal gain. It’s a character flaw but not the worst I can think of.

This weekend started out beautiful. I was under the impression that this couple had finally put all the hardships in their lives aside and chosen to move forward into a loving and honest relationship. I was wrong.  I’m going to apologize here because I am not going to get too personal. Regardless of what an amazing blog entry it would make, I need to respect that this is someone else’s story and I will not blast their relationship on the internet.


After everything was said and done, I will say that I am positive that my friend is not only already in an emotionally abusive relationship but I’m pretty certain that it will eventually become physically abusive – if it hasn’t already.

No matter what you think about a relationship that you might be in, this is a great real about recognizing abusive behavior. Please take a minute or two to read through it.

Learn to recognize serious red flags when you see them. If any event strikes you as wrong, it is! Our gut feelings and reactions are usually valid and foreboding. Please listen to what your gut tells you and never pass anything that you are uncomfortable or unhappy with off as something that will never happen again and something you can fix or change in a person. Your life and happiness could depend on it. And please never, ever keep your opinion to yourself. Screw thinking that your friend will be mad at you or won’t listen, at least you said something.

We can only help others if they are willing to help themselves. Get help here:


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