Goodbye’s too good a word

Today I gave social networking the axe. I’m tired of being worried about checking in, posting photos and tagging people everywhere I go. No one really cares besides the person who does all the tagging and worrying, right? And true, I could just not do it but why even have those profiles? Is it cool to earn badges and mayorships of place that I go way too much, yep. Is it necessary and relevant to my life, absolutely not. It’s time to get my head out of the clouds and focus on:

1) reading books. ( I did keep Goodreads. I have to.)

2) calling people, setting up meetings and focusing on the person that I went out of my way to schedule a meeting with instead of having my face in the phone.

3) taking real photos with my SLR instead of Instagram (who force crops everything).

4) enjoy not being so fucking connected or people I don’t even know.

I don’t know if this is considered “social networking” but I’m sure it is. As of now, I have no plans to delete either of my blogs. Facebook is a whole other story. It is active for now but my finger is itching to hit that deactivate link.


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