Why I don’t feel sorry for you

We are the only ones who can change our present and our future. Not happy with your job? No one is going to come along and hand out an opportunity just for you. Not happy with your body? No one is going to come along and offer to be your free personal trainer or offer to pay for liposuction. You are stuck doing it on your own.

I used to do everything I could to help people because I felt it was my “calling” or whatever. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, a boost or just some motivating words, but I’m starting to realize that if after a little push they aren’t willing to do the rest for themselves – I’m really just wasting my time. It’s sad to become more cynical towards people but I’m not responsible for anyone’s future except my own. I can’t force anyone to get off their unemployed ass and create a resume and look for a job without them wanting to do it. So from now on I am only going to offer my time and support to people who already have it in their head to change their life.

So if you’re out there complaining about your awful job but you’re not doing anything to change your career path – I don’t feel sorry for you. If your friends are shitty and you’re not attempting to change your social circle – I don’t feel sorry for you. I just can’t do it anymore! Do something for yourself and you’ll earn respect from the people around you and then you will get support. I,personally, am done supporting laziness.


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