Mental Illness is a Monster

Artist Toby Allen visualizes what illnesses like anxiety, depression and paranoia would look like if they were monsters. He creates a chilling picture of the illnesses that no one can see, but that many confront in their daily life.

Source: BuzzFeed



The best part about love is when you can’t even really get mad at someone for doing annoying and silly things because you love them so much. It’s awesome and a little sickening. I’ve always thought people that felt this way were crazy.

A post for all the bad employees and businesses who let them get away with it:

Everywhere I go, I see people not doing the job they’re being paid for and not even trying to hide it! I’m not really sure why it disturbs me other than that I think it looks so tacky and maybe that when I choose to slack off at a job I always make it appear that I’m NOT slacking off. I think it’s important to remain professional in the public eye whether you’re working or on break. If a company is fine with their employees hanging out and texting in the public bathroom, I don’t want to support them anymore.  At every single job I’ve ever worked at I had some very basic guidelines:
1) Don’t use the public restroom.
2) Don’t use your cell phone within a customer’s view – sometimes cell phones weren’t allowed at all!
3)  Don’t stand around and do nothing – or at least don’t let people see you standing around doing nothing.

What happened to standards and pride? I’m very scared for (and of) the businesses in this country. To me it seems that they’re too busy raking in cash to train and manage their employees properly. If it weren’t for the masses of people who are either ignorant or ambivalent to the ways that these companies do business, they would all go bankrupt.

Stop supporting business that allow their employees to look and act unprofessional because these are the same businesses who are insulting all of us by basically making us accept that bad service is an everyday thing. Stop contributing to and supporting such a low quality of service and way of life because it’s not acceptable.

Why I don’t feel sorry for you

We are the only ones who can change our present and our future. Not happy with your job? No one is going to come along and hand out an opportunity just for you. Not happy with your body? No one is going to come along and offer to be your free personal trainer or offer to pay for liposuction. You are stuck doing it on your own.

I used to do everything I could to help people because I felt it was my “calling” or whatever. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, a boost or just some motivating words, but I’m starting to realize that if after a little push they aren’t willing to do the rest for themselves – I’m really just wasting my time. It’s sad to become more cynical towards people but I’m not responsible for anyone’s future except my own. I can’t force anyone to get off their unemployed ass and create a resume and look for a job without them wanting to do it. So from now on I am only going to offer my time and support to people who already have it in their head to change their life.

So if you’re out there complaining about your awful job but you’re not doing anything to change your career path – I don’t feel sorry for you. If your friends are shitty and you’re not attempting to change your social circle – I don’t feel sorry for you. I just can’t do it anymore! Do something for yourself and you’ll earn respect from the people around you and then you will get support. I,personally, am done supporting laziness.

My thoughts on Robin Thicke, “rape culture”, Miley Cyrus and parenting. Whew!

This post was inspired by a local newspaper’s Facebook post/article this morning asking if Robin Thick was promoting “rape culture” with his lyrics and recent VMA performance. Rape Culture is described as: “a concept which links rape and sexual violence to the culture of a society, and in which prevalent attitudes and practices normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone rape.”

“At the heart of rape culture is a philosophy that dehumanizes women — from jokes to music videos to pornography to locker-room mentality. Rape culture does not mean every woman is raped, but rather upholds and encourages the forces that make such violence possible.”

– David Cook,  Don’t let Robin Thicke Escape

My first thought was: “GIVE ME A BREAK.” There are times as a woman that I’m offended by something degrading or dehumanizing and I understand what this article is trying to say. However… when it comes to entertainment, I am an adult who is capable of distinguishing lyrics from real life. It’s the same way I feel about violent movies, etc. It’s not going to turn me into a rapist, murderer or sway me to do anything just because I enjoy something that maybe not be polite or what people expect me to watch or listen to. Not only that but why is Robin Thicke being picked on? There are thousands upon thousands of artists who have far more degrading and even violent lyrics. Remember when Eminem talked about killing his wife? How many times do you hear the word “ho” or “bitch” in a rap song?

I feel this way: if it’s something that is effecting you negatively, cut it out of your life. If you don’t want to your kids to listen or watch, don’t let them. It’s that simple. Until someone goes out and rapes a woman and says, “Man, that Robin Thicke song and VMA performance just really made me want to rape that bitch,” move on to a subject worthy of spending over a week freaking out about.

A comment and view point that I do agree with was posted as a response to the article on the newspaper’s Facebook:

“What the columnist is trying to say is that the act of dehumanizing women is at the foundation of rape culture. I’m sure Robin Thicke doesn’t condone rape in any way, but people don’t realize that promoting this culture of what it means to be a “real man” is what leads to rape in the first place.”

And that brings me to Miley Cyrus and parenting. Why do these two go hand in hand for me? Because since Sunday’s show, I have heard comment after comment about why Miley Cyrus is a terrible role model and 4 billion other reasons for why she’s awful. Let me tell you why she’s awful:
1) She can’t dance and I’m not saying that because she has no ass to twerk. She literally has no rhythm.
2) She can’t really sing that well. =(
3) She’s wrapped up in the “I’m growing up in Hollywood” mentality just like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and a thousand other teens who have been there, done that.

Now…do I have a problem with her performance? Other than what I stated above and that she is really unattractive with her tongue hanging out, not at all! It was a typical VMA performance. Remember when Britney ripped off her suit down to the nude sparkly bodysuit and writhed around on stage? The VMAs are the place to be shocking because, after all, it’s still MTV.

And that brings me to parenting.

I don’t think that celebrities are required to be a role model to our children. They do their job for the same reason I do mine, to get paid – NOT to babysit. So I think it comes down to the parent explaining the difference between Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus if they’re worried about role models. I think kids should have their childhood and remain innocent for as long as possible but it’s also important not to let them be ignorant of what is real in life and what isn’t.