Three is a crowd.

I’m not a claustrophobic person but lately I’ve been feeling like a caged animal. Since I met my boyfriend he’s had three roommates – two of which lived with us when I officially moved in last fall. None of them were outstanding, only one was terrible and for the most part – they weren’t around much. Which brings us to New Guy. Real quick:
1) New Guy is a great guy!
2) New Guy has a great job, is respectful and pretty mature.
3) New Guy is around all the time.
I’m trying to be a good person here and not freak out too much about him being in the living room hogging the tv 24/7. I’m also trying to be a good person and not freak out on my boyfriend because roommate is always chilling on the couch 24/7.


How to make a decision

Most bloggers have blogs so they can tell people how to do things. They would title this post “How to make a decision” and then proceed to tell you the best way to make a decision about your life without knowing you.

Is it strange that I would like your input instead of giving you mine? How do you prepare to make a decision? Do you make a list, talk to your mother, worry incessantly for a month straight? What is your method?

Redefining friendship

One of the loneliest feelings in the world is looking around you at the people you thought loved you and were your friends and realizing…there were just hanging out because they were in the same place at the same time that you were.

Those “friends” worked with you, ate with you, went out and did stupid things with you, laughed and sometimes cried until 3am with you. And now that things in your life have changed, so  have the people who used to be there for you.

So the mission begins all over again: developing new relationships with people with similar interests who can tolerate to be around you when you don’t make sense and do stupid things to embarrass them and yourself.

And where do you find those people? I found most of them through jobs that we both hated mutually and we established a connection based on that. Maybe that’s why things didn’t develop into true friendship in some cases.

I don’t really know where to start so I ask you: How do you go about making new friends?