Mental Illness is a Monster

Artist Toby Allen visualizes what illnesses like anxiety, depression and paranoia would look like if they were monsters. He creates a chilling picture of the illnesses that no one can see, but that many confront in their daily life.

Source: BuzzFeed


Whoa, Nessie!

This is the freaking cutest thing ever! I read somewhere recently that the man who took the notorious photo of “Nessie” admitted that it was a fake before he died. I believe in you, Nessie!

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I have been completely stumped about what to blog about for a few days now. In fact, my mind is playing tricks on me because I had a wonderful idea yesterday morning…and my brain let me forget it. So until then, I will start writing them down to save for later and here is an incredible song by one of my favorite current artists.

I’ve been a fan of City and Colour for four years or so now. Everything about Dallas Green is delicious, up to the way he writes and that voice! This is from the most recent album and it’s a song that I really connect with a lot. The funny thing is, when the album came out – I didn’t like the song at all! I connect with these lyrics because I feel like I’m on a real journey to find the happiness I know exists for me. I chose to feature a live video so you can see just how amazing he is. No studio tricks – this man doesn’t need them!

I’m looking for a way out
For a place that no one knows
Please take me away now
Somewhere it don’t feel so cold

Troubles on my mind
Troubles on my mind
For the rest of the days I’ve cried
For the rest of the days I’ve cried

I’m searching for a paradise
That I just can’t seem to find
I’m searching for a paradise
For the time of my life

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“We’re not the fragile beings we’ve been trained to think we are.”

I never got into the e-reader trend because I love the feel and smell of a real book in my hands. I love turning pages, I love shopping for books and in general I just love having them around. What made me change my mind?

Because I have free time at work and thanks to a friend, I have discovered Amazon’s Cloud Reader.  The crappy thing about free Amazon books is that nearly anyone can write one and add it to their website. The great thing about free Amazon books is that every once in a while, a great writer writes something worth reading and adds it to their website. Let’s face it, crappy or not, nothing beats free.

I stumbled upon a few free books by a blogger named Johnny B. Truant. With titles like, The Universe Doesn’t Give A Flying Fuck About You, his writing sticks out. As the title suggests, his style of writing is very blunt and in your face. There is not sugar coating and no bullshit. Johnny tells you that if you want something you have to get off your ass and find it.

You Are Dying and Your World Is A Lie, is a short and sweet lesson on why we need to appreciate and explore life while we have it. There are no take backs in life and there are no guarantees. This is a great little read for a day when you’re in a funk. I’m not going to claim that this book is life changing because it is definitely worth a read. I find Johnny’s writing to be inspiring in a very direct and honest way and sometimes what we don’t want to hear is what we actually do need to hear. Go check it out! And while you’re at it, why don’t you check out some of his other books?

Happy free e-reading!

Bold As Love

I know that everyone has an opinion of John Mayer. My opinion is that I’ve loved him since I heard “No Such Thing” and purchased Room For Squares. I really fell in love when I got my hands on his 2002 EP called Inside Wants Out. I popped that in and my feelings for John Mayer have never been the same since then. I think he’s a wonderful song writer, a bad ass guitar player and yeah…I think he’s pretty attractive. =)

This is a Jimi Hendricks cover of the song “Bold As Love.” What makes it special for me is what he has to say in between the verses.

“I’ve done everything in my life that I’ve wanted to do except just give and feel love for my living. And I don’t mean like: Roman-candle-firework-Hollywood-hot-pink-love. I mean like: I-got-your-back-love!”

There is more to that speech and every time I listen to it, I’m inspired to find and give that type of love in my own life.

I hope you’ll take the time to listen and enjoy!