Favorite Thing of the Day 10/7


City and Colour is my everything. I love Dallas Green more than I love chocolate and possibly even coffee. I’m pretty certain that when this man shits, it’s gold.



I have been completely stumped about what to blog about for a few days now. In fact, my mind is playing tricks on me because I had a wonderful idea yesterday morning…and my brain let me forget it. So until then, I will start writing them down to save for later and here is an incredible song by one of my favorite current artists.

I’ve been a fan of City and Colour for four years or so now. Everything about Dallas Green is delicious, up to the way he writes and that voice! This is from the most recent album and it’s a song that I really connect with a lot. The funny thing is, when the album came out – I didn’t like the song at all! I connect with these lyrics because I feel like I’m on a real journey to find the happiness I know exists for me. I chose to feature a live video so you can see just how amazing he is. No studio tricks – this man doesn’t need them!

I’m looking for a way out
For a place that no one knows
Please take me away now
Somewhere it don’t feel so cold

Troubles on my mind
Troubles on my mind
For the rest of the days I’ve cried
For the rest of the days I’ve cried

I’m searching for a paradise
That I just can’t seem to find
I’m searching for a paradise
For the time of my life

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