A post for all the bad employees and businesses who let them get away with it:

Everywhere I go, I see people not doing the job they’re being paid for and not even trying to hide it! I’m not really sure why it disturbs me other than that I think it looks so tacky and maybe that when I choose to slack off at a job I always make it appear that I’m NOT slacking off. I think it’s important to remain professional in the public eye whether you’re working or on break. If a company is fine with their employees hanging out and texting in the public bathroom, I don’t want to support them anymore.  At every single job I’ve ever worked at I had some very basic guidelines:
1) Don’t use the public restroom.
2) Don’t use your cell phone within a customer’s view – sometimes cell phones weren’t allowed at all!
3)  Don’t stand around and do nothing – or at least don’t let people see you standing around doing nothing.

What happened to standards and pride? I’m very scared for (and of) the businesses in this country. To me it seems that they’re too busy raking in cash to train and manage their employees properly. If it weren’t for the masses of people who are either ignorant or ambivalent to the ways that these companies do business, they would all go bankrupt.

Stop supporting business that allow their employees to look and act unprofessional because these are the same businesses who are insulting all of us by basically making us accept that bad service is an everyday thing. Stop contributing to and supporting such a low quality of service and way of life because it’s not acceptable.